!! Maya Angelou gets her Hillary love on !!

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the Good Doctor, but here she is with a message of support for Hillary.

Hello. Everybody. I am Maya Angelou, and I am here. I would love to be there, with you, but, I am there with you in spirit. I am here to talk about Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton. I know her as a woman. And she makes me very proud.

Just wait till she changes to the second person later in the speech and starts talking about phenomenal women. I think I know what she’s saying, but what I’m most struck by in this video is how fun Dr. Angelou would be at a party.

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2 Comments on "Maya Angelou gets her Hillary love on"

  1. Frank, If you are familiar with Ms. Angelou’s work you would know one of her early works is a poem titled “Phenomenal Woman”.
    I am not sure if you are making fun of this American Icon or not. I so shame on you!

  2. I’ve been at a party with Dr. Angelou — and she is wise, gracious and a whole lotta fun!

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