!! OMG, the weekend is almost here! Hosted by Michael Yerger making our pebbles soaking wet at the beach !!

Michael Yerger is a contestant from Survivor: Ghost Island and a successful piece of fuzzy internet TRADE, hinnie! He also happens to have over 823K followers on Instagram currently… so she already done has hersezes. What we would pay to be that beach blanket… Check out Michael’s beach day after the jump!


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16 Comments on "OMG, the weekend is almost here! Hosted by Michael Yerger making our pebbles soaking wet at the beach"

  1. He’s definitely one smokin’ hot fella, and his “leaked” dick pics (supposedly leaked by either a GF or some chick he was trying to hookup with) are just as hot if not even hotter!! He’s got one of those asses I just wanna bury my face in!

  2. That incredible bush and those hairy legs…YUM!

  3. The dude is an OnlyFans scammer. Charges ridiculous amounts for pics or videos that never show what it’s implied that people are going to get. And somehow these suckers keep paying, thinking the next one is finally going to be the one where he delivers. It’s very Charlie Brown and the football.

    • I don’t know anyone dumb enough to pay for OnlyFans when there’s so much free stuff on the web. He’s still smoking hot.

  4. Bollywood Superstar Ranveer Singh has gone full Monty for a photoshoot to protest sexism !!!
    Put his images too !

    • Sorry to protest spying of government and services like Pegasus and Google !!
      And people are discriminated based on their clothing style!!!

  5. very hot body – yummy – amazing belly button

  6. Their does seem to be a tattoo missing on his chest and much more body hair in these pics. But ghost island was On in 2018.

  7. Legion Keign | July 22, 2022 at 11:04 am | Reply

    Oh, sweet jayzus! I do think my basements flooded! WOOF!

  8. Check that bush!!

  9. Fantastic bush!

  10. Seems like those rocks would hurt??
    Maybe find a better beach for your thirsting dude.

  11. No way that’s the same dude from Survivor:Ghost Island!

  12. Hello-

    rather attractive with a killer bod.

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