!! OMG, his butt: Model James Yates covers ‘MAN ABOUT TOWN Mag’ (and not much else) while dripping in SWAROVSKI !!

Damn!! OPULENNNNCE. Photographer Bartek Szmigulski turned these new B&W editorial shots of handsome model James Yates the fuck out!! Dressed in nothing but expensive jewels, James shows off the latest from SWAROVSKI. Check out more from the shoot after the NSFW jump! And pick up your copy TODAY!


[via manabouttown]

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15 Comments on "OMG, his butt: Model James Yates covers ‘MAN ABOUT TOWN Mag’ (and not much else) while dripping in SWAROVSKI"

  1. How (and why!) do they hide his junk in the back shots?!

  2. Who is going to look at the jewels, when that beauty is there


  4. Wow beautiful ass and the guy is hot too!

  5. Beautiful model w.a delicious @ss & body! The jewelry… Well, most of it isn’t my taste so who cares, right? Lol ,-? – Grey

  6. Beautiful gut, but their stuff still looks like upscale schochke garbage. Like it came from a Target sale bin.

  7. Wait…
    What are they marketing? Aren’t they marketing the guy? And which jewels??? His?
    Perhaps it’s dead-on!
    And yes, nice ass!

  8. Goodness…….look at all that, just showing….

  9. Yes OMG.Blog! Come through with the views……

  10. The perfect Christmas gift just what I wanted and the jewelry is nice too LOL

  11. I don’t see the big deal… nothing he is wearing is exciting or relatable. The necklace draped over his ass does not show well. Not sure who the market is here. I do not think this temps the ladies to run down to the Swarovski store at the mall, nor does it grab at the Gay audience. (This from a man that 30 years ago as a jewelry and accessories buyer, bought Swarovski by the pallet load) (and I still have thousands of them laying around the house in crystal vases and the like).

  12. Beautiful guy.

  13. Terrible marketing. They know that nobody is gonna look at the jewels when that gorgeous ass is right there right? Not that i’m complaining

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