9 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Actor Murat Dikenci in ‘Tatort’"

  1. Definitely doesn’t hit the same when the actor’s playing a corpse in the pics. Gonna do a retro post of Schindler’s List next? That has nude scenes in it.

  2. You can see his dick pointing to the left….. so yes it does count…..

  3. Not going to lie….. thought he had a deformed penis at first, until I realized it was his foot.

  4. Maybe Murat is naked but I can’t ci his Diken

  5. Does that even count? You can’t even see his pubes.

  6. WTF???

    • ClutchingMyPearlsTooTightly | July 29, 2022 at 6:57 am | Reply

      Oh SHANNON person, we wonder the same thing every time you decide to pipe up here. I’m afraid I truly have to question your upbringing. Where are your manners? Where is your shame?

      • Oh ClutchingMyPearlsTooTightly person, are you in love with SHANNON? Only, you seem to have some sort of fatuation with said person…

        • No my dear JB – my proper upbringing and basic morals are offended by this SHANNON person. Conscience demands such things be called out and not left to stand.

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