27 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Reality star Alex Maas from the Dutch ‘Temptation Island’"

  1. We need more of him guys…

  2. Now that’s a beautiful cock!

  3. elephant man

  4. Nice cock. He can suck it while I’m plowing his ass!!

  5. Could plug a leaky dike. But where is SHANNON, posting how smelly it must be? #lol

  6. Interesting… I’d give it a try to see how things work

  7. I think his downward curved uncut dick is beautiful. It is my preferred dick shape and this guy takes it to the extreme! Perfect for sucking. Nothing more boring than a straight as an arrow dick without a hood. Except for those ugly tatoos, this guy is perfection.,

  8. Gonzo from The Muppets

  9. OMG. A bunch of body shaming queens. You all are soooooooo perfect.

  10. I knew looking at his photo that he would have shaved everything off. So not sexy, bent cock is nice, but hair less it looks like those hair less cats !!!

  11. I love his BIG dick, it’s beautiful to eyes. Have a hard time sucking it but the fun of trying got me hot.

  12. When I went to a bath house in Amsterdam, every single man was completely shaved. They were all versions of this guy, and of no interest to me. I have never seen such a bad case of razor bumps than in the picture with boxing gloves. The photographer should have insisted that he wear a merkin.

  13. Nice looking guy but the bent penis gives off Jesse Jackman vibe.

  14. Gross dick, flat ass,…..nice big nips though.

  15. That is one sexy CAWK! WOW! I’m absolutely drooling over this man!

  16. The new Dick series by Delta Faucet. Sprayer optional.

  17. Nice face but i hate bent dick

  18. Hotness Personified


  20. I’d bent over this bent cucumber!

  21. What a hunk……………ugly tattos

  22. A man with no pubes! Really some men have no idea what is sexy.

  23. Razor bumps are a boner killer.

  24. Beautiful

  25. hate the bad tattoos but love the bent peter.

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