!! OMG, he’s naked: Argentinian actor Luciano Castro !!

Luciano Daniel Castro is an Argentine actor. He has worked as the lead actor in several successful telenovelas, such as Valientes, Herederos de una venganza and Sos mi hombre. Check him out after the NSFW jump!


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10 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Argentinian actor Luciano Castro"

  1. I would loved to play with that donkey dick!

  2. elsayed ismail | March 23, 2020 at 8:17 pm | Reply

    he has nice long penis

  3. Hello-

    in Mexican actor David Zapata’s leaked video he pops a load. yum.

  4. William Moore | March 23, 2020 at 5:21 pm | Reply

    Yes indeedy,how did he know I was so needy.

  5. I’m pretty sure his son’a dick pics are also leaked. I saw them on Twitter.

  6. For a moment there I thought that my OMG Blog link had redirected to PornHub.

  7. wow, so hot! I would suck that all day long..

  8. Beautiful abs and lovely foreskin on his cawk!

  9. Damn and WOW and holy dang

  10. What a beauty!

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