!! OMG, his butt: Armie Hammer’s butt pic has supposedly leaked off celebrity dating app Raya !!

Armie Hammer peeing at urinal

A celebrity dating app (Raya) user has apparently kicked off the app for screen-capturing Armie Hammer‘s bare tuckus which the actor had featured on their profile! Whoever that quasi-celebrity was themselves, the world thanks you for your generosity!

Check out Hammer’s peach after the NSFW jump!


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14 Comments on "OMG, his butt: Armie Hammer’s butt pic has supposedly leaked off celebrity dating app Raya"

  1. It looks photoshopped. He was probably wearing trunks and they removed them and added an ass crack.

  2. Hello-

    an interesting note many people may not know. in James Ivory’s 1st draft
    screenplay for CMBYN the encounters between Eli and Oliver were more graphic.
    whether said scenes were toned down by the actors involved or the director
    is anyone’s guess.

    • Holy hell! Haven’t visited this site in over 10 years and Shannon is still here that’s is commitment ma’am.

  3. The dreaded how ‘straight men pose when a photo is being taken of their ass’.. it heinously underserves the object of objectification, but in Armie’s case, we arent missing much. His archetype fits a role that many would consider hot, but he himself is rather boring & unappealing.. like this photo, and probably his ass.

  4. OMG!!!!!!!

  5. Looks to me like he’s wearing something..?

  6. Armie himself should be thrown off Raya for sharing such a terrible photo. He’s a stunner, for sure, but this image does him zero favours.

  7. isn’t there a better view of his ass in “call me by your name?”

  8. Nice ass! As(s) in CMBYN

  9. Sod the too dark to see butt. We want to see cock

  10. After turning up the brightness to solar flare level, I could see it.

  11. If he was going to have a photo like this out, should have at least lightened up the pic so we could have something to look at. SMH

  12. That’s it? And is he wearing trunks?

  13. Man, that dark pic doesn’t even look NUDE!!! WTF

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