20 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Fashion model Mario Adrion"

  1. Bjarne Henriksen | November 20, 2020 at 3:14 am | Reply

    Anyone have the pic of him in mesh briefs? It was removed before I could save it…

    • There are a quite a few Mario nudes online. He said those were taken when he just starting his modeling career. He is now talking about his experiences with the sexual harrassment in the fashion industry. Both he and Travis have experienced this. Whether it’s photographers, reps, etc. He lost count how many times these folks required sexual favors (mainly giving him BJs) before he was photographed or to get the job.

  2. lol @ that sweater! Whatever they paid him to model that wasn’t enough. He sure has a cute butt.

  3. The guy has OF now. Expensive and he doesn’t show much.

  4. I Think Mario pounded Travis.

  5. He is absolutely beautiful.


    • All pointed out by undoubtedly the least impressive comment troll on the web who has nothing better to do at 3:01 am on a Saturday. We’re damn sure there’s no man in her bed.

  7. He isn’t circumcised in these pictures

    • I don’t understand the reference. Was he supposed to be circumcised?

      • Okay, I see you were replying to a different chain earlier.

      • He was circumcised at 18-19 years old. So there are nudes of him cut and uncut. He had it done ver a girl he was smitten with. Apparently in her faith men being circumcised was a must. So before she would sleep with him he had to be circumcised.

  8. These are very old photos of Mario.

  9. He’s gorgeous…could look at him all day long. I hope there was no decent involved to get him to take them though.

  10. These are indeed the pictures which he kind of regrets.
    He told in one of his vids, that he was circumcised because of a (religious) girl he once dated.

  11. I’m confused, he’s made several videos on YouTube talking about being circumcised as an adult. Crying over his foreskin. But he’s cut here. Weird

  12. Hell to the yes! He’s scrumptious.

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