18 Comments on "OMG, they’re naked: The guys from ‘No Danger Diaries’"

  1. Who did it doggy style first?

  2. I love the look on the dogs face.

  3. IKR! Fucking perfect hotties right there! Especially with those accents! So hawt!

  4. Who’s your favourite? Mine is the one wearing striped briefs.

  5. That’s a whole lot of delicious dick right there.

  6. Some beautiful bushes!

  7. these are at least 5 years old right? still looking for the William Maclarnen nudes (sigh!)

  8. The dog seems to be upset he’s the one with the most body hair.

  9. Each of them is beautiful with nice cocks and perfect natural bushes.

  10. Ahhhhhh…..the short one is the hng one!

  11. That must feel nice to run about, nude in nature! Also, they have fantastic bodies

  12. where can we watch the video?

  13. So much fun and rather sexy too. Thanks

  14. Umm, I only receive a black screen, but the ads come in clear ‍♂️

  15. One of the best!

  16. Hello-

    what channel or streaming service is this series on?

  17. Delicious bro cocks!! Would take them all! Love these guys!

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