!! OMG, he’s naked: Actor Joe Davidson plays a surf bro who’s very comfortable in front of Glen Powell in ‘Anyone But You’ !!

Actor Joe Davidson seems completely at home scrubbin’ all that ocean water off in front of human-capybara Glen Powell in the rom-com ‘Anyone But You’.

Hey bigwigs! Can we have a spin-off where it’s just Joe and Glen showering for two hours? You love a sequel.
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19 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Actor Joe Davidson plays a surf bro who’s very comfortable in front of Glen Powell in ‘Anyone But You’"

  1. This is not uncommon in much of Germany, either. Kind of funny that in America, at least since the 90s, when the showers were permanently disabled in my high school cauaing all of us to stink after gym class, men are increasingly “protected” from having to see other men naked. Even college athlete training centers and military academies are paying extra for private showers when they renovate, because younger people and their families expect it. It’s especially weird in the military as they’ll still have to shower together when deployed, which is probably the worst time yo have to suddenly get over a hang-up like that.

    But hey it preserves just enough gay panic to make for a classic awkward moment in American films that must seem so silly in so many other places.

  2. Glen Powell should be showing his beautiful cock not that Neanderthal looking bloke!

  3. Only whites

  4. I don’t see the attraction for Glen Powell. Another good looking straight guy. Dime a dozen.

    • He’s definitely generically handsome in a mid-west, white bread way, without having the charisma than a Chris Evans (a New England boy has – and it’s not just genetics, it’s personality since his brother Scott doesn’t have the same charm or fully fuckable looks), or that your bog-standard good looking “straight guy” (a Chris Hemsworth or a Stephen Amell) but he’s a huge improvement over say a Chris Pratt or the twinks some people slaver over.

      Glen does have a nice voice.

  5. See, now if this movie was about these two getting it on, I might actually have an interest in seeing it.

  6. Update.

    Yup – I could look at that all day. Allllll day….. long…. (sigh)

  7. Adorably hot. Cute butt. Would love to see more!

  8. NOT CUTE…….

  9. So I don’t think he’s that cute but I certainly would give that little bum the business when he’s bent over

    • He’s not pretty and definitely wouldn’t qualify as handsome but given how some people here and elsewhere go on and on about, conversely, certain twinks or certain men (simply because of body hair, for example), he’s certainly passable.

  10. Will never understand why we can show butt in excess but we’re so afraid of guy parts

  11. To be fair, living in one of the surfing capiitals of the world – Australia – this isn’t uncommon. Sometimes they’re shy, very often exposed, and sometimes they will just get their junk out and piss in the sand. I’m not complaining any which way 🙂

  12. Email is also fake | February 8, 2024 at 11:03 am | Reply

    Not naked

    • Right? Other than his butt and his dick poking out through his hands, there’s no nudity at all.

      • He is completely naked. His ass is exposed. Technically he is naked, you can’t deny that fact. Get over yourself, horndogs.

    • He isn’t wearing any clothes, and is shown bent over completely uncovered, ass exposed, what would you call that then? Do you think leaving a cowardly petty response is going to earn you dick pics? GTF outta here.

    • You can see he’s uncut with what’s between his fingers. Zoom in

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