!! OMG, he’s naked RETRO EDITION: ’60s Mexican superstar actor Jorge Rivero !!

Jorge Rivero is a handsome and muscular Mexican actor who began leading, on-screen from the mid-1960s. Rivero became a sex symbol and a major box-office star, and was called by Hollywood to star with John Wayne in Howard HawksRio Lobo. Check him out in his hey-day after the NSFW jump!


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25 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked RETRO EDITION: ’60s Mexican superstar actor Jorge Rivero"

  1. Muy bueno y bello

  2. The 60s dude he was in his prime in the 70s and 80s doing those sexy comedies with Sasha Montenegro and other actress of the time.

  3. Damn, Papi!

  4. Just saw him in the batshit crazy but highly enjoyable “Conquest” directed by Lucio Fulci.

  5. Naked if your into ass’s.

  6. Damm! all nice butt photos and no real cock shot and I have had Mexican cock and it was a nice fat 9” uncut one too mmmmmmmmmmmm lol

  7. Bruce Alexander | March 12, 2019 at 11:02 pm | Reply

    He was, or is, a very handsome man. I just wish there was at least one clear, sharp pictures of his genitals.

  8. elsayed ismail | March 12, 2019 at 8:04 pm | Reply

    oh my god .it is many beautiful sexy gay pictures i love the nice butt

  9. F*CK the wall, build a tunnel straight to my bedroom.

    • Thanks for the laugh! If there were a “Like” button here, I’d use it. Then again, this website is far better off without one.

  10. What a prime hunk of man he was in his day.

  11. Dozens of pictures and only one frontal, this should have been OMG his butt! Not OMG he’s naked

  12. I never knew “Adam” had a tan line!

    Great spread, even greater hair!

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