18 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Actor and Director Terrence Martin goes frontal in ‘Get Away If You Can’ (2022)"

  1. Damn! HE can fuck me anytime!

  2. looks fake as hell

  3. I hope it thickens up with a little more blood. Looks pretty but pencilish.

  4. VERY nice! I wonder what it’s like when it’s hard? Such a beautiful manhood!

    • Lmao I love how online a downward angle means soft even when it’s sticking out. Let’s also be aware that as the director this is probably a prosthetic.

  5. Fluffed but nice and I’m glad he has natural bush.

    • That’s not all his bush. They needed more fake hair to cover up where the prosthetic was pasted onto his torso.

  6. Richard E Vestal | September 19, 2022 at 6:30 pm | Reply

    Awesome, lovely, what a view. Enjoying what I’m seeing. Anymore pics?

  7. Very nice! I want it

  8. I’m gonna be THAT guy and say I think it’s a prosthetic.

  9. Totally fluffed. It’s obvious. A nice piece though

  10. Very sexy man!!

  11. It’s a prosthetic.

  12. Nice hose!

  13. Wow. No wonder he wanted to show it off. Although I think he is slightly aroused, fluffed, or whatever term you want to use. But if that is completely flaccid, then “Wow”.

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