!! OMG, Nicole Kidman shows off her buff physique and fashion sensibilities on the cover of Perfect Magazine !!

It’s been a week for the Nickies! First Mrs. Minaj, now Nicole Kidman, as she flaunts her incredible shape in some cutting-edge lewks on the cover of Perfect. Mag! Check out the 55-year-old Australian actress in a photo shoot for Perfect magazine’s third edition, which hits shelves on September 1. Find more form the shoot after the jump!


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3 Comments on "OMG, Nicole Kidman shows off her buff physique and fashion sensibilities on the cover of Perfect Magazine"

  1. That’s some good photoshop work!

  2. Woo Nicole! You are creating unhealthy standards for aging women. As a rich white woman with access to all the procedures, personal trainers, and personal chefs, constantly showing off your body in a way that exudes a tiny-limbed-child-like sexuality, you shame women her age with more realistic bodies, whom don’t have the access does. Nicole makes many women feel terrible about aging, when this look is actually not healthy on many women, esp. cis women post-menopause. While I know she didnt create these unrealistic hollywood standards, she has always exploited falling perfectly within those parameters of being a skinny white blonde (usually) woman who doesnt acknowledge her privilege nor brings awareness on the corrupt aspects of hollywood she perpetually benefits from. She just teaches woman at home to chase youth as she keeps getting cast to play those ingénue/nymph characters.. which -let’s face it- she wouldn’t get if not for her plastic surgeons and team of people dipping her in embalming fluid, hoping she doesn’t get the Norma Desmond treatment. Jamie Lee Curtis uses her platform and image to offset these expectations, but not many have her access either. We talk so much about how representation matters, and it does, but also in these contexts as well. I certainly don’t enjoy seeing skinny rich white ladies bodies this early in the morning, especially since you already posted about her a few days ago.

    • Big movie stars have to look good on screen and off screen, that’s part of their job. They are not and should not be role models for everyone, as their work is very specific and different from the lifestyle of most people. Most women are not filmed with 4k cameras, their slightest imperfections are not shown to the whole world and are not discussed by the whole world, their everyday life is not photographed by the paparazzi. This is obvious enough to any thinking person. Apparently, envy and bitterness disrupt the thought processes of some people.

      Jamie Lee Curtis, with all due respect, became famous for her roles in comedies and horror, where there are completely different requirements and expectations.

      By the way, since you highlight her skin color, do you write the same nonsense when you see photos of Naomi Campbell and Halle Berry? Or are you only annoyed by good looking white ladies?

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