!! OMG, he’s naked: Nils Bendik Kvissel in Norwegian TV show ‘Krypto Kings’ !!

From what we can tell, Norwegian television series Krypto Kings (2023) is a contemporary take on the straight-white-male-gets-rich-quick-without-really-trying fantasy, but, like, now with crypto.

Anyway, the reviews lean heavily to the meh side of things, so we’ve done the work of isolating the key details, namely star Nils Bendik Kvissel yelling naked at the world from his terrace because he’s so rich now.

See the stills after the NSFW jump!

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7 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Nils Bendik Kvissel in Norwegian TV show ‘Krypto Kings’"

  1. Han har en fin rumpe!

  2. I was expecting to see his dick, but, he has a nice body, a great ass, a cute face and I LOVE his hairy chest.

  3. Please don’t refer to a post as Naked unless all is visible. You usually say Butt for just an ass shot. Your product seems to have suffered since you offer paid subscription. It should be the other way around. I would subscribe then , gladly $$$$

    • Unless he’s wearing socks he fits the Merriam-Webster definition:
      na·​ked ˈnā-kəd
      : not covered by clothing : nude

    • Are you really going to force us to quote Merriam Webster’s definition of “naked” again? I’ll give you a hint – it means no clothes. See any clothes on Nils? No? There you go – naked.

  4. Yea I would eat that ass

  5. Nothing to see there. Brillant (not)

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