!! OMG, their butts: The 4 hosts of the Youtube travel show ‘High On Life’ !!


Canada has always been a great exporter of back-bacon here on OMG Blog, and the male EDM-bro hosts of the Vancouver-rooted travel show High On Life are no exception. Check out the 4 hosts with first names that scream “Falcon Studios”: Parker Heuser, Alexey Lyakh, Justis Cooper and Ryker Gamble (each born in 1988) after the NSFW jump!







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6 Comments on "OMG, their butts: The 4 hosts of the Youtube travel show ‘High On Life’"

  1. OMG is right! The High on Life guys have outstanding arrest warrants from Wyoming for their ‘adventures’ in Yellowstone.

  2. These men went on the Great American Road Trip and trashed Americas National Parks and currently have arrest warrants for their activities in Yellowstone National Park.

  3. No homo braj

  4. are these men GAY? they are 8 years my senior but they look just as old. if I am 36 they are 28. I was born 1980 and they were all born in 1988

  5. I normally don’t like seeing men from behind but these guys look just fine. at least they aren’t holding their butt open so people can see their anus that is what I hate about bums. in those instances I’d prefer to see the mans Peen and face.

  6. They are one press release from being forced to come out as “BI” which we all know is code for I’m gay but think I can’t come out for my “career”…..as tv hosts in Canada.

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