!! OMG, Devon Sawa’s new neighbours want him to tone down his ‘Godless’ activities !!

90’s heartthrob Devon Sawa has new neighbours, and it looks like they may have an issue with Devon’s GODLESS activities. Damn, Devon! What are you getting up to in the middle of the afternoon!? Check out their note to him after the jump!


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20 Comments on "OMG, Devon Sawa’s new neighbours want him to tone down his ‘Godless’ activities"

  1. I know this a few years old but the note he posted is someone else’s picture, from 2013 which they wrote themsleves as a joke. You can search this for yourself why do people not fact check any more…


  3. I love it when people who cannot talk to or explain the world to their children….expect the rest of us to live under their example. Handmaids Tale anyone?

  4. According to Sawa himself he was watching “Cruel Intentions” on his outdoor projector. That was his godless activity.

  5. In other words, could you save the anal porn for inside the house and not by the pool?

  6. Hans Niemeijer | October 9, 2018 at 3:07 am | Reply

    If you believe in (any) god he put some life in you – yes, and some noise.

  7. I am so damn tired of parents using their children to be judgmental. They can do or say anything but if you do, OH MY CHILD. Eat a dick. I’m not the one that laid back and got knocked up and now I have to make allowances for your mistake? #shitgirlplease

  8. They forget there GODLESS activity made there little girl. HYPOCRITES!!!!!

  9. Get a Senate hearing and nothing will get accomplished.

  10. First of all religion is the Roots of all hate of this world! Religious last Christians only hurt good people they’re bigots and hypocrites! Don’t be bigots and hypocrites like them and if they don’t like something you do on your property kids are not well that’s your problem not this guy’s problem! Have to give respect so if that’s the issue don’t blame it on God!

  11. Just let them look with envy! They must BE NOSEY neighbors and jealous. Ignore them!

  12. Richard Vestal | October 8, 2018 at 5:24 pm | Reply

    He should do some Vodou and let them watch. Really though, not everyone worships God the same way. Leave my boy alone.

  13. Oooooh, Devon could move next door to me!!

  14. I bet this is about Halloween decorations or some sort of party. Religious people are ridiculous.

  15. This is typical christian FUNDAMENTALIST BULLSHIT! To right wing christians, “religious freedom” means the freedom to FORCE their religion on everyone else! They are not content to just practice it themselves. The new neighbors should just move to The People’s Republic Of Gilead” where they’ll fit right in. Maybe Aunt Lydia can be their new neighbor.

  16. Ridiculous post from Joe!! If you guys are horny and cannot control yourselves then move to somewhere you can do whatever you want! Now, doing things when children can hear or see? No!

  17. I would like to be invited to whatever godless activities Mr. Sawa has going on in his house!

  18. That’s all we get? What godless activities.

  19. Since god doesn’t exist does that mean ALL activities?

  20. I get these notes all the time. Just ignore them. They’ll move soon.

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