4 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Ernesto Campos goes frontal and rear in ‘Un Lugar Donde Bucear’"

  1. Beautiful smile!
    And everything else too.

  2. Where’s the frontal?

    • One would think by now, you would have figured out that “frontal” refers to his genitals on HIS front, not that the camera angle is taking a head-on frontal shot.
      Firstly, that would look awkward and tacky, which is why we have a side shot of his penis. This is considered frontal nudity. Frontal refers to exposure of genitals on the front of the body, in film & photography.

      Ever consider you never understood the terminology widely used in the industry, instead of complaining about it all the time? Clown.

  3. He’s beautiful! Love that skin. But I think the guy sending him the nude selfie (assuming that’s what’s happening that scene) is even hotter! I must admit that at first, I thought it was a poster on his wall.

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