!! OMG, gossip: Lady Bunny to LGBTQ community ‘Let’s cancel gay pride!’ !!

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3 Comments on "OMG, gossip: Lady Bunny to LGBTQ community ‘Let’s cancel gay pride!’"

  1. It sounds like to me that Lady Bunny is dismissing trans people and queer people of color, not the reverse. They’re begging for an equal place in our community and our response is, “there are bigger problems, stop complaining, let’s just cancel the whole thing.” That’s childish. Just because trans people’s concerns and queer people of color’s concerns don’t directly affect Lady Bunny doesn’t mean they don’t matter. It’s called empathy. And it’s a shame our struggle as gay men hasn’t given us more of it.

  2. Hooray for Lady Bunny!

  3. Bun is right on this one. Pride was sold like hog bellies to several totally gay-disinterested political climbers this year. L.A. was like a fascist rally ( let’s get violently worked up because we’re told to) if you ask me. And The Colt looks like he has two dicks.

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