!! OMG, gossip: NBC increases ‘Will & Grace’ episode order !!

More episodes coming your way! [instinct]

Mel B‘s ex had the nanny take her children abroad, stole millions [celebitchy]

WTF!? Naya Rivera is dating David Spade [lainey]

Rupaul makes an appearance in a new Netflix series [gaygeekfabulous]

Meanwhile, Adore Delano is suing her management for $3.5 million [pink news]

Barry Manilow comes out [dlisted]

Hillary Clinton‘s hot nephew Tyler Clinton signs to IMG models [socialite life]

George Michael ‘sexual freedom party’ to be held at park where he used to cruise men [towleroad]

Someone just discovered a new secret in Super Mario World, 26 years later [eighties kids]

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1 Comment on "OMG, gossip: NBC increases ‘Will & Grace’ episode order"

  1. The problem with this is; “Will & Grace” really ran out of gas after about season 5. Much like “Modern Family” or “Frasier” or “Murphy Brown”; the stories got cringe-worthy and banal, not all that entertaining. Other than freshening up the time line, IMHO, it’s done. Do a special or two if you feel compelled, but… please… let it go.

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