!! OMG, gossip: ScarJo quits controversial trans role !!

ScarJo pulls out of transgender role after facing backlash [towleroad]

New KJ Apa thirst-trap alert! [instinct]

Drag Race snags 12 Emmy noms [gay fleshbot]

Demi Moore had credit card stolen, and 170K is charged to it [celebitchy]

Summertime with Childish Gambino [lainey]

Billy Bush‘s wife files for divorce [gay pop buzz]

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3 Comments on "OMG, gossip: ScarJo quits controversial trans role"

  1. It’s called acting. Unless everything becomes a documentary, we are still going to require actors. If non-M2F trans are required for M2F trans roles than gay people can’t play straight people.

  2. She should have known better. Shame on you Scarjo for trying to make trans more acceptable.

  3. Why does every KJ Apa “thirst trap” wind up being disappointing AF

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