18 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Actor Greg Austin goes frontal in ‘Hunters S2’"

  1. (Nevermind, and please disregard my last comment as well… they do show up now!)

  2. (Do comments just not get published anymore???)

  3. Omg… soooo hot

  4. Me so horny

  5. Loved him and his gay character (and cute bf) in the Doctor Who spin-off, Class!

    Then he had his nudes leaked, and quickly taken down across the web.

    Guess he decided to show it all on his own terms, and for “art”!

    More, please! 😉

  6. Everything but the tip : (

  7. What a killer body, and that great smile to top it all off.

  8. Greg Austin is a really hot guy with a nice dick.


  10. Richard E Vestal | January 16, 2023 at 9:14 pm | Reply

    Is half a dick better than none? And to make this worse is that the lighting is fu**ed up.

    • If you want better lighting and a clearer view of dicks then just watch porn.

      Him getting naked at night probably makes sense to the storyline of the movie that’s not just all about dicks and fucking.

  11. I love the body on this guy! Very hot! Too bad we can’t see all of his member.

  12. Frontal, but not full. 🙁

  13. Nice…tasty

  14. Hello-

    at least it look real.

  15. looks like a completely different person…

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