9 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Actor Knut Berger goes full-frontal in ‘Knochen und Namen’ (2023)"

  1. he may be the first German I’ve seen with pubic hair. Everyone shaves everything, it’s a weird phenomena that pubic fashion just takes so long to go to other countries, the US was like that but now it’s changed. Maybe that trend has finally hit germany, but seriously so many german men shave everything, chest, body, pubes etc

  2. Handsome face and really hot foreskin overhang.

  3. The movie is Bones and Names (2023) or Knochen und Namen in German

  4. Love the bush

  5. It’s a German movie called ‘Knochen und Namen’ (‘Bones and Names’). There’s also a very intimate and pretty realistic sex scene between the two guys pictured above. A very aesthetically driven movie.

  6. A 2023 film Knochen und Namen, (Bones and Names)

  7. A 2023 film, Knochen und Namen, (Bones and Names)

  8. Bones and Names

  9. It might be “Knochen und Namen”a feature movie from 2023 with Knut Berger & Fabian Stumm.

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