16 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: English professional rugby player Josh Charnley"

  1. who is the Aussie AFL footballer from the North Melbourne club who got stung in a catfish scam and had his photo’s passed on to a US porn site?

  2. Thank you Zane … you know, not all of us have Grand Canyon holes that need a tree trunk to make us happy.

    Also, the dude has big thighs (as rugby players often do), which makes his cock look smaller by comparison. If he had chicken legs, that same dick would look bigger.

  3. For all of the size queen who aren’t impressed, the fuss is that he’s well known and we get a chance to see him naked. Everything is not about size.

  4. He’s hot. Not the man bun though. And all these people dissing his dick? Not all of us are bottoms hoping to get spit-roasted!

  5. Same guy in all the pics. One of the pics is in a mirror so you have to flip it. Kinda cute and really like the man bun.


  7. What’s the fuss about?
    I’ve seen a lot more bigger cocks
    That’s average

  8. It’s not even the same guy look at the tattoos people one has tats on his hands the other only has on knuckles and if you look at the shoulder tats they are different

  9. Y’all can have him.

  10. Sexy as fuck xxxxx

  11. I guess it’s big for a white guy?

  12. BUMBUMPOOPOO | April 6, 2016 at 10:58 am | Reply

    HOT! And you know rugby boys know how to pound mmmm

  13. his cock looks a little angry. hot!

  14. I’ll have a slice of that cake

  15. Sorta cute, but I really hate “Man Buns”. Looks like he’s stuck a muffin on his head.


    I want him to SHOOT in my GAPING mouth.

    I would let him KILL ME!!!!!

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