!! OMG, he’s naked: Fashion model and Selena Gomez’s video hoe, Christopher Mason !!


“Who’s this guy? He’s a joke!” “This guy’s a chump.” “I guess he’s pretty handsome, I can’t even lie,”

Justin Bieber, after seeing model Christopher Mason in his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, new’ video.

That was a fast turnaround, Justin! You may know model Christopher Mason from Selena’s latest video. Check him out chatting with the ladies via text after NSFW jump! (We can see why she chose him!)






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21 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Fashion model and Selena Gomez’s video hoe, Christopher Mason"

  1. His cock is something else… It would’ve been great to see him cum

  2. That looksgood to suck and fuck.getting excited and turned on.looks like his fuck would be good too.the guy is hot too

  3. yes he should impregnate selena 🙂 and have a cute babies like him .what a honor for her to bear his children :9

  4. It’s true what they say lolol

  5. That’s one delicious fat cock! Just saw the video with Selena Gomez too and I’m so glad I get to see this! His cock is better than I imagined! So fat and big and clean cut ready to get sucked and fuck!

  6. Precious Johnson | January 14, 2016 at 5:53 pm | Reply

    Oh. Just a pretty face won’t keep me satisfied in bed. Just saying.

  7. The pubes look great, just shave your balls.

  8. Nice and natural. Those normal pubes, big lips, thick tool.. woof..

  9. chocolate squeeze | January 10, 2016 at 6:27 pm | Reply

    He is just darling and does not possess the biggest one (his junk, his manhood, his love shaft, etc) I have ever seen but it’s so damn beautiful like him that I can’t stand it.
    I am always iffy about ‘pubes or not ‘ but in this case it just matches him to a T a bit dirty but looks like one you would never want to stop kissing, sucking and touching.

  10. @mariah

    Hairy is fine, unkempt is something else altogether.

  11. @ Hellbent

    Isn’t it great that everyone likes different thing? Some like hairy, some like smooth, some like clean cut, some like facial hair…etc etc

    Don’t try to impose your preferences on others.

  12. So, I’m guessing all those opposed to basic grooming don’t get your hair cut, shave, or trim your nails? Ugh

  13. Yes! that is one hot man. love the natural bush and thick schlong:)

  14. Love ’em THICK! Yummm

  15. Kevin in Cincy | January 8, 2016 at 6:35 pm | Reply

    DAY-UM. Yeah, he does look A LOT like Charlie Hunnam, ca. “Sons of Anarchy”. In any case, he looks damn fine. And he doesn’t need to change A THING. So nice to see a young, masculine-looking dude with the hair that God gave him. YUM-MY… 😉

  16. THANK GOD we get a guy who ISN’T all trimmed and shaved!!!!

  17. @Hellbent…”Lordt, son! Trim that shit up and shave those balls! It’s the 21st Century!” Ummmmm…NO.

  18. Hmmm….if she dumped Bieber for him she must not be a fan of the big peen! [If those naked pics posted online ARE actually Justin.]

  19. Lordt, son! Trim that shit up and shave those balls! It’s the 21st Century!

  20. looks like Charlie Hunnam and Trouty Mouth had a kid

  21. Fascinating… he looks better groomed and posed than taking the selfie.

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