!! OMG, he’s naked: Former rugby player and current activist Ben Cohen !!


Rugby hunk Ben Cohen is not only a total babe, but ally to the LGBT community and in May 2011, Cohen retired from professional rugby to focus on The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation he created to combat homophobia and bullying.

UPDATE: We have removed the images at the request of Ben Cohen.

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32 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Former rugby player and current activist Ben Cohen"

  1. @Mr. Ed I wonder how many leaked dick pics and videos you have looked at on this very site before you made your hypocritical and ridiculous comment.

    Yes, society hates gay people because they post leaked celebrity nudes (just like straight sites do btw)That makes so much sense.

    You’re a moron

  2. I believe the photos were very very poor I really found it hard to even see his Penis

  3. The video was him skyping with a female and in it he jerks off to the girl. No biggie.

  4. You havn a laff mr ed ben cohens far from a good guy…leaves his wife and kids for a Russian slapper,what a guy!!!!made a living since rugby offff the gays.photo shoots galore bending over in his knickers,hands down his calvins,prick teasing till the cows come home,oh and fancy that they now want to get an eyeful of his tiny cock….booo hoo ben Cohen your an ugly tosser

  5. Oh, come on you bunch of cock thirsty savages…. If you need to see a cock or nude man, look in the friggen mirror. Don’t like what you see? Fix it. Ben s a good guy and whom ever leaked/sold this video should be severely punished. You are the reason gay men fave such hatred. Stop putting and spreading this shit just to get yourself off. As a gay man, I’m embarrassed over this stunt… What if it were you, your father or mother?

  6. I’m so disappointed. He’s so dumb.

  7. Save the vid… it won’t be around for long.

  8. Thanks, Kracka. We’ve added it to the post.

  9. any videos of this? I can’t find any

  10. if someone have the vidéo please share it ^^ the twitter link doesnt work anymore

  11. Lol. shannon you bittter little turd. Another daily insult almost word for word of the last….. In all caps no less. You’re so irrelevant

  12. Any vid? The twitter link doesn’t exist.

  13. I need to see the video, anyone got a link?

  14. The burning question in my mind is….Who was he sending these to? Hmmm.

  15. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!!

  16. Sexy AF. I wish we could see his beaver.

  17. Thanks, Hole! We’ve added them to the post.

  18. In the second pic you can see his dick head but not the shaft because he has his fist around it, but you can certainly see the head ; )

  19. really nothing to see.

  20. he’s yummy

  21. Are we sure this guy isn’t gay?

  22. Love him, wish they were better photos

  23. lol should have just left today clear.

  24. Bobby Pelphrey | October 31, 2016 at 1:34 pm | Reply

    I think he has his fist wrapped around his dick in the second one, but the third one is too blurry.


  25. Yes Ben! Anytime!

  26. Frank – If people can’t see it, why bother posting it?

  27. What the fuck are suppose to be looking at?!!

  28. Too blurry. Can’t see jack.

  29. Totally adorable!

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