12 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Irish actor Barry Keoghan in ‘Mammal’"

  1. And that face is also a refreshing look at an incredibly handsome guy. He is not a pretty boy but he is INDEED very very handsome. Pretty boys waste to much time looking at themselves.

  2. WTF.. GROW UP children! I came here hoping that this Irish guy was uncut and BRAVO! I am cut and do not mind a natural look. Most uncut gay guys know how to bathe and present quite a delicious meal when they do. If you don’t have your own cock be just happy they will share theirs with you

  3. The comments about foreskin and hygiene repeated here are uneducated and nonsense. Most people know what soap and water is for, and sex with a guy with Foreskin is amazing. My foreskin was removed when I was a child and I’ve spent much time and money trying to restore it.

    If you don’t like foreskin, don’t look at the picture and remember the old saying, if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all

  4. Unfortunate face. Very unfortunate.

  5. @Tony your opinion would have more validity if you stopped making comments like “droopy foreskins that look like blown out vaginas”. Also, circumcision rates are dropping in the USA, Canada, and Australia. Those are the facts according to my parents who are both Pediatricians. You’re entitled to your opinion, but it seems it’s strictly based on personal dislike and not facts.

  6. Sadly enough when you live in a country where the norm is to be uncut, the lack of hygiene is also the norm and everyone is just not phased by bad odours or smegma, because yes the norm. I’m from Europe and in my travels around here it’s usually the case sadly enough. Thank god newer generations in countries like Germany and France are starting to change and see this and have higher expectations, where they opt to get circed, especially in urban areas. Anyway, it’s a shame this actor only has a droopy foreskin that looks more like a blown out used vagina than anything else. Pity. Thank goodness for trips around America, Canada and Australia where you see real men with beautiful cocks.

    Why is being cut more hygienic? Do uncut people just decide to lower their standards and bath less? What a stupid statement.

  8. I agree Shannon. It’s all just wrinkly 4skin,no head,like a slug…ughhh! Give me cut everytime. So clean,neat,tidy,looks amazing in briefd & speedos as u can see the whole shape not just a suck impression. More hygienic,looks n tastes better 2. Yummy! I wish more cut guys would show us the goods & not these ugly uncut cocks! 🙂

  9. Irish guys are sexy and hot! Wish the shots were clearer.

  10. WHAT THE HELL???

  11. Young man you can get it

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