!! OMG, he’s naked: Jane’s Addiction and former Red Hot Chili Peppers member Dave Navarro !!

Dave Navarro is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter who is best known as a member of the rock band Jane’s Addiction and as a former member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He was also married to Carmen Electra, with whom he starred in a reality show! Check him out after the NSFW jump!


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26 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Jane’s Addiction and former Red Hot Chili Peppers member Dave Navarro"

  1. I love him and his dick would fuck him any time …

  2. omg want him in me

  3. Your more fucking hateful than the commentators on St8upgayporn nasty owned site. Get a life you assholes!

  4. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I think after seeing this….I need to go shower with bleach and a wire brush. Ewww barf

  6. Omg really? Each “naked” pic in this post is altered with color, filters, movement and cropping.

    Long stretch for an actual “OMG he naked” nude.

  7. He walks around SoHo quite a bit and every time I see him I just think he is sexy as can be!!
    Always wanted to see him naked and not disappointed!!!!

  8. Aside from the fact that he sounds like an idiot when he hosts Ink Master – he has a nice body and a decent dick. Something tells me that he is not the most hygenic person though….

  9. Thank you OMG. I used to fantasize about him all the time.

  10. DAMM what a mess!! All the rings YUK! Some of the photos he looks like Grigori Rasputin
    and his dick was bigger.

  11. Like… what are the stories behind these pictures, though? Why does the unicorn one have a weird filter? Why is there a gif but not a video of Dave jacking off? I was just going down RHCP memory lane the other day about being a gay kid in the 90s. I remember the kiss at the end of the “Warped” video between Dave and Anthony and how homoerotic RHCP seemed in general. John Frusciante said Anthony and Flea made him show them his erect penis before they let join the band. There’s also a video floating around of Anthony flashing the camera, and a couple of videos of John doing a dickcopter (but it’s not super clear footage either time).

  12. Butt Ugly, Butt Ugly Fuck.

  13. Gross.

  14. I always found him kinda hot but he’s rumored to be really messed up.

  15. I always found him kinda hot but he is supposed to be massively fucked up.

  16. There are times when even a big dick doesn’t help.

  17. On that famous album cover from years ago, he wore an athletic sock on his cock. Now he needs to wear one over his head.

  18. Old photos, but I give him a lot of cred for being one of the first mainstream rockers to have no issues showing his peen in public. He has a big one and isn’t afraid to show it off!

  19. OMG, he’s still ugly as fuck!

  20. elsayed ismail | August 16, 2018 at 11:38 am | Reply

    he showed his nice penis

  21. He always looks like he is trying to hard to portray an image. It is all very 90’s.

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