27 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Keaton Stromberg from ‘The X-Factor’"


  2. Very nice! Beautiful man and cock! Very youthful indeed but would do everything to him

  3. I would ride him like a cowboy yeeeeeehaaaaaa

  4. HARD PASS….he’s a fetus.

  5. The first dick pic and the cum shot are definitely him. He has 2 distinct freckles on his stomach that you can see in the first shirtless pic.

  6. I would do everything to that cock!! I love a good cummmm pic!! I would lick all of that off his chest. No cummmm should go to waste. It belongs in a hole. Where is he at? I want to meet him now

  7. I honestly couldn’t tell which guys is which. Talk about cloning your friends.

  8. I hope it’s him he’s so hot! It’s nice to imagine anyways

  9. Men look so stupid when they’re slick as a new born baby. Doesn’t make it look any bigger

  10. Those are different cocks. Particularly the last cock is obviously a different cock. Wtf

  11. Doubtful if the dick even belongs to Keaton Stromberg

  12. Why are there two different dicks in the post? Which is his?

  13. elsayed ismail | January 31, 2018 at 12:17 pm | Reply


  14. it’s fine. 5.5 inches is something to be proud. Does height have anything to do with size? because he looks kinda short. just asking not judging.

  15. “If you’re happy and you know it, And you really want to show it…clap your hands….or get naked and show your peen, whatever.”

  16. Headless selfie dick pick.

    That is so Millennial.

  17. Lord have mercy, noting like feeling like a dirty old man first thing in the morning, before coffee……THANKS!!

  18. Looks stupid without pubes.

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