31 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Professional bobsledder Simon Dunn"

  1. Wow, some people on here have issues.
    Sorry I stopped by.

  2. What an ugly chopped dick.

  3. Probably sent in a cocaine fueled haze.

  4. He lives in London now

  5. Initially I thought the guy was hot. But looked him up online. Selfies while brushing his teeth. Selfies while shaving. Selfies while wiping his ass….. the one poster may have a point about Simon being in love with himself. EGO!!

  6. I pulled him up on a comment he made about surrogates, after he said something like, ‘I’d use a surrogate, pay her, and she would be on her merry way’, as if they were disposable. He blocked me. Asshole.

  7. Isn’t this guy ALWAYS naked? Zzzzz

  8. Oh yes! If only…

  9. Finally, after so many teases, we get to see it today. That’s an Olympic dick.

  10. lol what is manly body/nasal boy voice?? Anyone?

  11. Charles S. Sturdivant | April 25, 2017 at 4:55 pm | Reply

    oooooooooo nice bod. – welcome

  12. Id like to bob on to his basic dick,he looks a dirty cunt

  13. What a yummy man!! Look at that delicious Canadian bacon! Delicious

  14. Lovely cock, fugly tattoos!

  15. such a basic dick

  16. He’s hot and all but what does a professional bobsledder do,besides bobsled professionally? Are there want ads out there: Wanted professional bob sledder needed full time nights and weekends a must,good pay and benefits,apply within.

  17. This guy lived down the street from me in Calgary. He is without a doubt the most arrogant, self involved human being I’ve ever met. He is actually in love with himself. Not to mention he’s got that whole manly body/nasal boy voice thing going on.

    • He turn you down on Grindr?

      • Actually I played rugby with him last year and he’s a very open approachable person. I thought he would snub me like a few of the other rugby players do and act arrogantly or not talk to me (I’m not attractive and I’m not part of the ‘in crowd’ at the club), but I can say sincerely he’s a good person and treats people well. (PS I’m not sure where you’re getting the nasaly voice thing from … yes he can put on a voice to make a joke, but that’s not how he speaks normally)

    • Someone is taking rejection badly.

    • I believe you Fuckhead. Everything I’ve seen online about Simon suggests he’s self involved and a narcissist.

      I also believe he leaked the photo himself for more attention.

  18. And for once, it’s nice to see the face with the dick pic!

  19. Oh my! That is truly bobbing!

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