!! OMG, he’s naked: Star of ITV2’s ‘Bromans’, Richard Cull !!

Bromans is a brand new reality series which throws a group of eight modern-day lads back in time to see if they can cope with living and fighting like Roman gladiators. HAWT! Check out one of the gladiators after the NSFW jump!


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22 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Star of ITV2’s ‘Bromans’, Richard Cull"

  1. I really love foreskin. I don’t know who anyone can prefer a circumcised peen. The glans of a circumcised guy is so dried out. yet glans which are always covered are nice a moist and a totally different colour

  2. thomas, what is your point?

  3. I have had to spend most of my 71 yrs. in that “proverbial” closet and now as I emerge into this “enlightened new age” looking forward to finally admitting I’m “gay and proud”, u bitchy, unhappy, shit-slinging ASSHOLES’ “childish behavior and unnecessarily hurtful comments” leave me bewildered and far from “proud for being gay” !!!
    We old timers endured the gay bashings, the murders, threats, name calling, loosing our jobs and all too often our “families”, getting married (not for love), but to prevent the “stigma, rejection and ruin” associated with being
    outed … Since “it” was considered a “mental illness and a crime”, we could be incarcerated in an asylum or prison at any time !!!
    As a perceived “community of sexual perverts” ,
    we needed to be on our best behavior, demonstrate a strong work ethic, volunteer/help out around town while maintaining a very low profile sexual existence, if you were fortunate enough to have such a thing … Slowly, people came to realize
    we weren’t the sexual perverts waiting to seduce or rape their children as they had been led to believe !!!
    Unfortunately, our “community” that worked so diligently together, as a cohesive unit, no longer exists !!! From what I’ve seen and read,
    we’ve become “hateful and embarrassingly selfish and horribly mean spirited” … That’s definitely NOT what we envisioned during the journey to get here … I lived in San Francisco when mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk were “assassinated” and always thought that was the lowest point in my life, but u “trolls” have succeeded in making me doubt now !!!
    Barron W. Wheeler
    Vietnam Era Vet

    • Please don’t let some size queens on a porn section of a site define how you see the gay community. As a 30-something gay man, I thank you for being a trailblazer and so brave. I’m sorry you had to go through all of that, but everyone here has you and other like-minded people to thank for their easier lives. Yes, there are some assholes (both gay and straight communities have this), but overall people are good. I think.

    • You’re very welcome.

      Thank you for creating this reality 🙂

    • Actually, I you pay a look deeper, you will see that a few of us disagree with all the hate, and shameless stupid comments written by shameless stupid people. Maybe we are a minority. Or maybe those haters are a minority, but they “voice” themselves so loudly on the web, that we end up by seeing them only. Maybe there is a majority of good, nice, intelligent people, but for some (good) reasons, they don’t voice them here. What I mean is that many time I said to myself “don’t react to those hateful, stupid, bashing comments. Be the smart one. Ignore them”… Unfortunately I am not smart enough to ignore them.

      Anyway, sorry If my point of view is not that clear. (English is not my birth language). Please, keep faith in good people, and don’t be ashamed or embarrassed by those mindless queens, mindless TROLLS. They are not worth it.

    • Beautifully said but it’s unfortunately how it is these day’s

    • Well said Barron and Thank you for your service

  4. ++GROSS++

  5. He’s a cutie! Very nice!

  6. Face pass.
    His arms seem too small for how far apart his shoulders are, proportions are off.

  7. Aren’t all the guys on that show basically porn stars anyway?

  8. The tattoos match perfectly, what are you on about? The 2nd and 3rd pic are just from before he had the right part of his chest inked.
    And that dick is beautiful… what is this “passable” business? Man, it’s embarrassing how bitchy you queens can be on the internet.

  9. The tattoo doesn’t match. Are u sure this is the same dude?

  10. Passable penis, I guess, but waiting for the Dino Portelli leak. Or Jordan Taylor. Or Tom Trotter.

  11. Like to chow down on that

  12. His dick looks quite nice.

  13. He’s hardly naked. Nothing but a cock pic.

    Cock pics mean shit.

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