26 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked UHGAIN: MTV’s Ex On The Beach’s James Moore"

  1. The head is small but fine length

  2. What‘s with straight guys and shaved pubes?

  3. That fake tan is a little intense. He’d look better if he wasn’t so orange

  4. nice but looks like he fake tans it

  5. LOOKS IN……

  6. He can have me! He is so cute and sexy!! He can take any hole he likes and make it his home.

  7. I fail to see pencil dick. However he’s not fooling anyone that his dick is completely flaccid

  8. HARD PASS. I like that bathroom tho.

  9. He gots that Chris Brown long pencil dick

  10. Lovely snake!

  11. No thanks. Where are his pubes?

  12. That is a perfect example of a pencil dick. No heft just long and skinny

  13. love those low hangers, mmmmm yum

  14. Hello-

    it seems soooooooooooo many young male celebs are born exhibitionists. this is
    especially true in the age of the cell phone, social media etc…………….
    to which I can think of several young male celebs who if I found just selfie
    dick pics on the Internet i would pass out at my computer table.

  15. Barbara 'Hunnychile' Perez | January 30, 2018 at 1:47 pm | Reply

    He’d get it but I’m still sore from Friday night.

  16. What’s his champoo brand? (the black bottles)

  17. Rise, I tell you…..RISE!!

  18. Can I please see Nick Sandell??

  19. What the fuck is that square toilet

  20. [sigh] Rite of passage, selfie dick pics… oh well.

  21. Good looking, body of an adonis and a big cock too; the full package. STUD!

  22. To nj shore for me

    • You have fun at the jersey shore then sis, you won’t be finding him there. He lives in England

      • It doesn’t matter where he’s from. He’s one of those loud obnoxious UK football hooligan types which is exactly reminiscent of dudes from Jersey Shore. So Kevin was spot on.

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