!! OMG, he’s naked UHGAIN: Tattooed X Factor UK contestant Ellis Lacy !!

Ellis Lacy was one of X Factor UK’s contestants last year. He didn’t win, BUT we know now that he is a weapons expert and loves to show off via his Twitter AND now on Snapchat – which has been floating all over Tumblr. He’s so multi-platform! Check out his audition below, and find his being an expert with his OWN weapon, ONCE AGAIN, after the NSFW jump!

UPDATE: We have removed the images upon request.

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24 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked UHGAIN: Tattooed X Factor UK contestant Ellis Lacy"

  1. He is a title winning MMA fighter, Go say that shit to his face! He is more successful than you!!

  2. Robert Visconti | August 19, 2017 at 2:12 am | Reply

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  3. Tony the turd if foreskin sets standard of living then yes, you do live in a sad reality

    I agree. Kill yourself shannon Go get impaled by a big dick, two guys one horse style comes to mind .

  4. This guy is all around gross. Sadly, there hasn’t been a hot man featured on here in a long time. Too many stupid tats on this one, a so-so body, a disgusting Neanderthal dick, and all the thirsties here going wild over him…sad reality of today’s world!

  5. Hear, hear, HG. Well said.

  6. Shannon is obviously a racist or a troll. He puts down every white man on here and praises every man of color that gets posted. It’s past the point of being annoying. We get it: you don’t want a white guy. Why bother looking and commenting if they don’t do it for you?

  7. He can get it

  8. hot guy, but i agree he would look even hotter with pubes.

  9. I wish he had pubes but the foreskin looks very tasty…

  10. @Shannon, what an incredibly ignorant blanket statement. Clearly you’ve been brainwashed by the cult of circumcision. His foreskin is pulled back so clearly he can clean under there as can most men who are circumcised – which is the majority of men around the world. Please don’t make such careless, insulting, stereotypical statements. You come off angry and ignorant for no reason. Most men are uncircumcised, deal with it. Same to you Kyle.

  11. Fucking sexy.

    Kill yourself “Shannon”

  12. ok… this is not an approval or disapproval but I’ve always found men’s grooming choices perplexing sometimes. I’ve always wonder why shave everything including the entire genital area but keep the treasure trail? A hairy trail leading to a barren treasure seems at the very least odd and at the most false advertising! … just a query… hmmm

  13. @ davebhf: ditto!

  14. I don’t know, but I’am under the impression that he’d lack stamina when you get down to business. Just a prejudice of mine about his somatotype (and I do believe that there are kinds of somatotypes that even encompass dicks).

    And I would happily do without the Drittes Reich eagle.

  15. For Kyle who doesn’t like foreskin. Just wait until I’ve worn that beautiful foreskin off of him. You can have him next.


    • You’re a nasty waste of an excuse for a human being. You must have an extremely sad and lonely life the way you cut down every single person featured on this site.

  17. Damn, if only he were cut!

  18. ugly ass tats..i’ll never understand why guys with beautiful bodies ruin them with such ugly tattoos. the other thing is tattoos are so common anymore its more rare to see a hot guy with out them. want to stand out or be different? skip the tats

  19. SpongeBob Crankypants | November 28, 2016 at 5:28 pm | Reply

    Nice penis.

  20. He’s definitely one of the hottest guys on this site. His dick is the epitome of male anatomy at its finest. Perfect.

  21. quit shaving everything !!!

  22. Aren’t there videos of him on Youtube, using a pump?

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