!! OMG, he’s naked: Wrestler Charlie Garrett’s cam show will have you craving a bodyslam !!

British Wrestler Charlie Garrett had a sexy cam show surface recently on Tumblr, and it’s making us want him to put us in a headlock or a hit us with a piledriver! OOOOOH, LAHWD! Check him out after the NSFW jump!

CLICK TO ENLARGE! Scroll down for video.

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16 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Wrestler Charlie Garrett’s cam show will have you craving a bodyslam"

  1. Hello-

    speaking of hunky Brit guys wanking it. has anyone come across
    the explicit 7min. video Tom Daley sent to someone he had
    developed an e-mail relationship with? the online articles from
    a month ago that mentioned said video leak made it seem
    like the entire 7min. video had leaked. yet all i have found is the
    9sec.? clip where Daley is lying on a bed groping the bulge
    in his black cotton briefs.

  2. Odd. He looks much better in grainy webcam than in that photo (where he looks 20 years older)

  3. ryan: since when does shit NOT stink? all our asses poop funkiness…that wasn’t a very smart put down.


  5. Here we go again and I’m sure Omg will delete because wrestler dude asked even though its all over the internet.

    • Hi Bloop, he hasn’t asked yet. So thanks for looking at them here instead of elsewhere “all over the Internet.”

  6. Eeeeeeh PASS! His ass looks like he shits smelly shits from it and his dick looks like it smells. But his face is hella cute!

  7. and OH that ass

  8. Fuck he has an awesome arse and a great cock. I would love to have my head between his legs

  9. love the lack of tattoos, the beefiness, the foreskin, the “o” mouth when cumming, the naturalism…agree with joe: unaffected beauty!

  10. Such a handsome guy! Gorgeous big strong muscles and a super hot dick that no doubt drives anyone who gets to ride it wild.

  11. OMFG what a hottie.

  12. Pure, unaffected natural talent like those possessed by the young Garrett do lift an old man’s spirits. This rough but promising interpretation of Stravinsky’s “Firebird” reinforce hopes for the intrinsic abilities of the whole new generation.

  13. He can get it!

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