44 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Zach Zakar of models the Zakar Twins"

  1. They made a YouTube-video where they made a Clone-a-Willy. Ofc they dont show the act of doing it but they do show results. If they were the real deals then they are not very long but really thick.
    Not sure how OMGblog feel about extenral links, even to YouTube, but it was on their channel “Zakar Twins” and was published on Jun 21, 2017

  2. We won the Iraq War, so I‘ll take the twins as my share of the booty! lol

  3. They’re actually from Michigan close by me – and both are known dicks (not the good kind). Full of themselves and stuck-up, unfortunately. Their “model” status was something they slapped on themselves after paying photographers to shoot them. Not impressed.

  4. long hair is such a turn off for me

  5. There is A stripper at swinging Richards in Atlanta that looks JUST like Zach!

  6. very interesting…nice cock….

  7. They are kind of average for models but cute nonetheless the penis was definitely impressive like that’s a thick piece of meat.

  8. Damn! Why aren’t these boys doin’ porn? Gay, straight, or bisexual….hell, I’d be happy just to see them piss and jerk off together….YUM!

  9. They’re by no means unattractive. But the qualifications for “model” status these days is fairly loose.
    AND…… That’s a nice dick. But probably not big enough for the permanent ASS GAPE crowd

  10. Wow! Now that’s a thick piece of halal meat there! Delicious!

  11. Hot Twins Sexy Time!!!

  12. Sexy nice sizes dick and looking good

  13. OMG!!!!!

  14. I’d line both their hard dicks up together and slide myself onto them!

  15. Those guys are awfully intimate for brothers

  16. It cracks me up seeing people say they prefer one over the other. You all realize they are TWINS right? About the only difference is their hair length. They are also both gay, and in a recent comment said, “We haven’t had sex with each other… yet.”

    • You do realise there’s a difference between identical twins and fraternal twins right? These guys are the later, like the olsen twins, similar looking but not split from the same zygote.

      • *Snape voice* Obviously….

        But they do look very similar, and notice I said, “About the only difference..” which shows that I had no intention of claiming they looked exactly alike.

    • Actually, even if they had the same haircut, I would recognize each others. Sure, they’re twins, but their faces are not exactly identical. Almost, but not exactly.

    • How is that unbelievable? Sometimes one looks better than the other. Look at the Dolan twins, the one with the short is obviously the hotter one of the Dolans while the one with the long hair is still hot, but has a goofier look about him.

  17. Hope to see more of them!

  18. I want both of them!! I wish they was in DC

  19. Thankfully he did leave some in that tasty ass crack!

  20. spongebobcrankypants | October 12, 2017 at 5:02 pm | Reply

    Very nice.

  21. Yea i would-both

  22. Why is it that the twinkiest, skinniest, least manly appearing….often have the biggest, thickest dongs hanging between their skinny legs? I guess the universe works in mysterious ways.

    • Everyone’s perceptions are different. I see nothing “non-manly” about him. He’s not skinny, either. He’s delicious.

    • My theory is that it’s an optical illusion and wouldn’t look as huge on a beefy guy. Either that or there’s a special twink gene that causes it.

  23. I was hoping it was the one with the short hair but I’ll take what I can get. And I’m pretty persuasive I might be able to get the other one to join in and if big dicks run in the family Id be a happy (And sore) Camper

  24. “Model”

  25. I an floored! They’re both hotties! The last two pics though…Wow!

  26. I would like to be in the middle of that brother sandwich. Dayum they wre hotttt.

  27. They’re both gorgeous in every way, but I can’t wait until guys stop trimming and shaving their pubes and body hair.

  28. Wow! So beautiful!

  29. Barbara 'Hunnychile' Perez | October 12, 2017 at 2:45 pm | Reply

    Oh yes.

  30. Wow, was not expecting that thick slab of meat. I was unprepared! The other one is likely just as hung (in my experience with twins lol).

  31. This almost makes me believe in god. If they would just kiss…

  32. I’d prefer the other one…

  33. Oh my stars! GORGEOUS!!! Every time I see a male like that, I just wanna slap my parents for giving me the crappy, dumpy genes.

    I just hope that he’s not really just 3’2″ tall… those “perspective” shots get you every time!

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