!! OMG, his butt: Fear The Walking Dead & The Following’s Sam Underwood !!

Sam Underwood is an English actor who portrayed the twins Luke and Mark Gray in the Fox thriller drama The Following, and Jake Otto in the AMC series Fear the Walking Dead. Check him out after the NSFW jump!


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15 Comments on "OMG, his butt: Fear The Walking Dead & The Following’s Sam Underwood"

  1. Fat ass, yummy

  2. I want to see celebrity cock not a tired butt. If I want to see a some celebrities poop shooter I would try elsewhere.

    • The word BUTT is used right in the description. Don’t click on it next time then….. #notrocketscience

  3. What film is this nude scene from?

  4. I like his Nice Butt. mmm

  5. I think he needs to use my can opener.

  6. I first saw him on Dexter. He was a serial killer in training. Hot guy.

  7. Quinton e Jackson | July 23, 2018 at 2:58 pm | Reply

    A nice ass on a handsome guy.

  8. I’m so frustrated. In all my years of being gay I’ve never learned how to be turned on by butts.

  9. Great now I want pancakes.

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