!! OMG, Léa Seydoux says acting in Europe is ‘easier’ because Hollywood is ‘harsh on women’ !!

“The industry in America, I find it harsh on women,” Seydoux said. “It’s hard for women to age. I don’t want to be afraid not to be desirable or to lose my contract. In America it’s economic, and when it becomes a matter of making money you lose your freedom. I don’t feel comfortable with the fact that you have to tick all the boxes. Being a woman on screen is easier in Europe…

…I have more freedom because I’m a European actress, which suits me,” Seydoux continued. “I’m not trying to be popular, I’m just trying to enjoy myself. In America you have to conform. I don’t want to adapt myself to the system, I want the system to adapt to me!” Seydoux added that “it’s tough for someone who’s not totally American to lead a Hollywood film”

– Actress Léa Seydoux on the differences between European cinema and Hollywood.

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  1. Once gender equality is roughly reached in Hollywood there will be ideally an even amount of roles for men and women which is a fair point and it’s moving that way. As for aging yes of course if you are used to playing ingenues and you turn 35 things will change. Aging is not fun or fair but inevitable and effects your career.

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