!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Get a little goth with Geoff Doner’s ‘New Life (Nemophilist Mix)’ video !!

Timeless sweeping panoramas contrast claustrophobic time-bending vignettes in “New Life”, the first video from album “Love More Real” by Geoff Doner.

“New Life” is inspired by Geoff’s personal journey of unlearning and interrogating the ways he benefits from systemic white privilege. Through the song and video, he explores private and public reckoning, when inescapable truths alter our reality and understanding can begin.

In facing our inner personal demons, walls that have hidden and protected us from painful truths are bound to crumble, freeing us to see ourselves and others with more empathy. Today, global pandemic is a backdrop to revelations of institutional racism and emergent truths of Canada’s violence against Indigenous people. Erected by architects and managers of colonialism and capitalism, walls meant to divide and diminish our collective social fabric are being toppled by citizens everywhere.

Working remotely during the pandemic, long-time creative collaborators Geoff Doner, Andrea Battersby and Mikela Jay joined forces to realize a visual journey that compliments the frank yet sensitive musical message in “New Life”.

Check out their brand new video above!

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