!! OMG, Madonna shares Holiday 2022 family photo !!

Madge has shared her family Xmas photo! Madonna took time out from drinking out of a dog bowl and huffing poppers on TikTok Live to share the cute family photo. The Hung Up on Tokischa singer poses with Lourdes, 26, Rocco Ritchie, 22, David Banda, 17, Mercy James, 16, and twin daughters Stelle and Estere, 10. Find Madonna’s accompanying caption after the jump!

“What I’m thankful for…………. 💛” along with a photo dump of other unimportant things.

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6 Comments on "OMG, Madonna shares Holiday 2022 family photo"

  1. Uncle fluffy says | November 30, 2022 at 9:36 pm | Reply

    The kids are beautiful. Striking.
    Y’all need to be a bit less judgmental.

    Madonna does need to chill on the procedures though.
    Kinda getting Pete Burns vibe.

  2. The didn’t need a family picture, they needed a family intervention to get her to stop the surgery and cosmetic treatments……

  3. Lourdes is the only one remotely trying to smile, the rest of them look like a bunch of smug, entitled twits who would rather be anywhere else but there taking that picture.

  4. The picture is nice enough ut her face looks like it’s melting.

  5. This is giving serious Mommie Dearest meets Get Out vibes. The poor twins looks miserable whenever photographed.

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