!! OMG, postponed! Top 10 TV actors you wish you could watch right now !!

Jacob Elordi shirtless in EuphoriaQuarantine has everyone feeling nuts, especially since so many of our favorite TV shows have been postponed until production can resume again.

While we don’t know exactly when these shows will return, we have some hot NSFW scenes from each show after the jump. Here’s to having something to look forward to!

Henry Cavill the WitcherHenry Cavill in The Witcher

Dyllon Burnside PoseDyllon Burnside in Pose

Charlie Barnett Russian DollCharlie Barnett in Russian Doll

Max Minghela nude butt Handmaid's TaleMax Minghella in The Handsmaid’s Tale

Jacob Elordi butt nude EuphoriaJacob Elordi in Euphoria

Jake Weary nude butt Animal KingdomJake Weary in Animal Kingdom

Brendan Fraser shirtlessBrendan Fraser in Doom Patrol

Ewan MacGregor nude butt FargoEwan McGregor in Fargo

Nick Clifford nude frontal GlowNick Clifford in GLOW

KJ Apa shirtless RiverdaleKJ Apa in Riverdale









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4 Comments on "OMG, postponed! Top 10 TV actors you wish you could watch right now"


    • Venture out of the basement to buy more booze Shannon? Did you wear a mask or just a good ole fashioned paper bag? Actually you’re probably used to having to wear paper bags over your head. Let’s see….2:21 am….and what are you doing? Trolling internet sites, drunk off your ass, thinking you’re somehow clever or make people laugh. Go back to your dungeon and isolate, without your computer, for the rest of your life. We’ve all had enough.

  2. All gorgeous. Although Apa is a tool IRL

    • I’ve definitely sensed that he’s overly cocky and not that bright. Why is he a tool, though? I don’t disbelieve you, I’m just curious.

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