!! OMG, Trump serves up stacks of cold-ass Big Macs, Wendy’s, Burger King and Dominos at White House !!

Stacks of room-temperature burgers from McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King sat around for hours on one table while piles of lukewarm Domino’s pizzas, McNuggets and fries on another as candles were lit to welcome The Clemson football team who was invited to the White House to celebrate their national championship win over Alabama. Trump wanted them to eat ‘All American’ food while celebrating their victory. Find more pics and a video of Trumpy’s beautiful lukewarm welcome spread after the jump!

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14 Comments on "OMG, Trump serves up stacks of cold-ass Big Macs, Wendy’s, Burger King and Dominos at White House"

  1. Richard Vestal | January 15, 2019 at 6:11 pm | Reply

    FYI everyone, #45 hasn’t been in office but 2 years come the 20th of January (approx date) 2017… the investigations into his corrupt campaign and presidency started months later. Everyone please take note, Trump who has become the worst president in america history is the only one who has been asked “do you work or ever worked for Russia?” Trump comes off as a Traitor and everyone knows the saying… If it walks like a duck and acts like a duck, it’s more than likely a duck.

  2. This is so appropriate. Trump is clearly the MacDonald’s of presidents. And room temperature, at that.

  3. If he has the fucking government closed down for a damn wall, who the fuck paid for all this crap that I’m sure was then thrown away????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. How hilarious that a couple of Tr*mp Deplorables made their way to this website to spout their gibberish.

    Face it: Your cult leader is a cheap, stupid grifter who whored himself out to Putin and the Russians. The Republicans put up with it since, while Tr*mp puts on his sh*tshow and sucks up all the media attention, they can steal the US blind.

    Flying Spaghetti Monster save us all. SMH

    • It’s been nearly 3 years of the most hardcore, intensive investigation(s)in US history and we’re still waiting for that Trump – Russia collusion PROOF.
      That’s because there is NONE….face it!
      But Obama and Hillary….the proof of their collusion with Russia is just ignored.

      • I’m sorry you were dropped on your head as an infant but you should really stop making it other people’s problem.

  5. Yet if this were Obama….y’all would have been like….This was so cool of him. Exactly how do you supposed Trump would have been able to serve up hot McD’s at the damn White House? Hell you cannot even get hot food in their actual restaurant.
    And lets not miss the REAL story here. Trump had to serve up catered food because the Govt is partially shut down so no WH chefs because he’s in a showdown with the illegal loving, MS-13 supporting, anti-American Democrats (who BTW have already voted and APPROVED “fencing” funding many times before). Nevertheless, they now all of a sudden DON’T want a barrier/wall/fencing at the US/Mexico border. Meanwhile they are in PR over the weekend with a bunch of congress bribers…err I mean lobbyist.

    • Trump and his racist, xenophobic border wall the majority of us don’t want is the singular reason for this shutdown. Note how it wasn’t an “emergency” until a Democratic majority took over the House. Trump had control over all three branches of gov’t and didn’t do shit with it.

      Take your self-loathing, sexist, white supremacist ass back through whatever sewer grate you slithered out of, Jim.

      • I love how yall spew the same ol tired taking points….he’s racist, he’s xenophobic and every other “ist” or “phobic” name you can come up with. Yawn!!!!

        This was an emergency long before the 2018 election and he said as much.
        It was when Obama, Hillary Clinton, Schumer said just that not too long ago either. But you were not paying attention then, huh?

        And as for him having the majority up until 2018. Funny how you fail to mention (or just ignorant) to the fact that he needed 60 votes in congress to pass legislation, we only had 52 GOP members. So that means we would need 8 anti-American, Trump hating, MS-13 lovin Democrats to join in. But I digress.
        Just because you have the majority, does not mean you run everything.
        Obama had the same luxury during the Obamacare confirmations, in fact that asshat shut down the government as well to force the passing of that POS legislation…..but of course you and your ilk you weren’t paying attention then, so you did not notice. Such a shame, really.
        And nothing to say on the FACT that the same exact members of congress that had ZERO problem passing border wall/fencing funding legislation under Bush, Clinton and your messiah Obama now all of a sudden have an issue? Interesting.
        Also, I’ll be sure to tell my Puerto Rican partner of 12 years that he is in love with a white supremacists, racist, xenophobe. LOL
        It’s gonna be a long 6 years for you. Good Luck.

        • Pointing out your bigoted and unpopular goals isn’t “talking points”—that would be the tract you just spouted that was dictated by Fox News.

    • You really are a stupid motherfucker, Jim.

    • There’s no “shut down” at the White House. The Navy Mess is still in operation there. They are (A) part of the military, which is not shut down, and (B) critical staff, ergo exempt from a shutdown. So starting from there, since you don’t know what you’re talking about, please go away quietly.

  6. What an embarrassment. “Congratulations, here’s your Big Mac.” Although it is Clemson, and that is in heavy Trump territory, I hope the players had better common sense than to be paraded in for this moron’s photo op.

    What an ass.

  7. That sounds like heaven to me

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