!! OMG, these Trump supporters wants Hillary Clinton IMPEACHED !!

Hillary Clinton is unemployed – but these Trump supporters want her removed from office! Leave it to Kimmel to use humour to highlight the stupidity of Ammurrica!

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5 Comments on "OMG, these Trump supporters wants Hillary Clinton IMPEACHED"

  1. Evan, Hillary is no saint. She’s a largely good person who’s imperfect. But hells bells if she would have appointed an oil man to the Department of the Interior, a private school gal to run public schools, moved to kill medicare, supported molesters. We need to vote beyond our own personal needs. Hillary would have been better than T’Rump (Hillary DUFF would have been better than him). She would have preserved the Supreme Court and ultimately, that’s what matters more.

  2. You do realize Mrs. Hilary Clinton takes money from countries that execute gay men? Throw them off buildings, stone them to death, etc? Her husband had raped multiple people including Jauntia Broderick and she stayed silent or better yet tried silencing them. It’s sickening of the hypocrisy on this site. I’m not even a Trump voter. I voted for Bernie.

  3. Stupid axx holes! Go back to school

  4. We should definitely impeach her. Throw the books at her. Throw Donald Trump at her. Oh wait, she actually won the popular vote? Then impeach Donald Trump!

  5. Impeached from what?

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