10 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: A man swam naked in the shark tank at Toronto’s aquarium"

  1. He merely followed the lead of every other creature in the tank. They are all naked!

  2. ew. Please only hot nude people OMG blog.

  3. When he came out of the water, from what I could see of his cock lol I guess the
    shark wasn’t in the mood for a snack!

  4. Look at that butt……Santa baby, I want this man under my tree…..oooh weee

  5. Oh man, not how I wanted this to end. I always root for the animals.

  6. He looked kinda potato-y from afar but up close he’s actually a really good looking guy. I wonder if he was just drunk…

  7. Can we do out on a date?

  8. sharks living in a tank probably aren’t all that hungry.

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