!! OMG, WATCH: RuPaul continues daytime run with guest Ciara !!

A beautiful and newly-dreaded Ciara dropped by RuPaul‘s daytime show. Have you been watching? Will the show survive its test run?

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6 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: RuPaul continues daytime run with guest Ciara"

  1. No thanks !

  2. I love Ru and he’s done so much for their community, but I couldn’t even sit through half an episode. Not good.

  3. I like RuPaul and I’m a fan of drag race. But this new talkshow is not good. It’s boring. There’s nothing new or fresh about it. It’s just Ru spewing out some content so he can make some coin. The person they need to give a talk show to is Adam Ripon ( One of Ru’s guests). He is hilarious and very genuine, I could watch him all day!

  4. This show is a breath of fresh air. I would love to see this get an actual season pickup in syndication, and a lot of what I’ve seen online agrees, too!

  5. I like RuPaul. I wish him success and would love to see more lgbtq representation on television. However, it’s pretty bland. His delivery feels forced. I would switch it on to support as background noise but probably wouldn’t sit down to watch. Maybe he just needs more time to find his groove?

  6. This show is so awkward and BORING. Will be surprised if this gets picked up

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