!! OMG, all grown up: Joe Jonas covers DETAILS !!

The middle Jonas brother, like his younger sibling before him, is going out on his own to launch a solo career—which obviously means Joe Jonas needs to rack up steamy magazine covers. And, obviously again, one should be pseudo-homo mag rag DETAILS. For those of you who care about more than just the photos, inside Joe has this to say about leaving his bros behind:

“We’re not breaking up, we’re just taking a break,” Joe says. “I really have a hope for the fans that got older and went, ‘You know what, I’m really not into the Jonas Brothers anymore,’ that I’m able to catch their ear again with my project and they’re able to go like, ‘Hey, this is cool stuff, I’m happy listening to this, I’m not embarrassed listening to this.'”

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  1. With the exception of the married one, are the other 2 still wearing those stupid chastity rings and pretending to be virgins?

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