!! OMG, BREAKING NEWS: James Blunt finally apologizes for ‘Beautiful’ !!

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James Blunt, the English singer who penned the boiled-down used kleenex of a sop story song Beautiful, has finally gone public, apologizing to the world for making them endure it countless times.

“[It] was force-fed down people’s throats,” Blunt said, “and it became annoying, and then people start to associate the artist with the same word.”

Blunt further complained that he was overly marketed to women and thus lost out on the crucial sad-bro demographic. He continued, adding that the song’s ubiquity hurt his popularity because people perceived him as an “insanely serious person” who was likely to strip in the rain and jump off a cliff after being dumped.

All I have to say is:

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  1. I still love the song AND the amazing video. It was overplayed nut its a great song.

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