!! OMG, cut off the crusts: RuPaul & Big Freedia’s ‘Peanut Butter’ !!

OMG, cut off the crusts: RuPaul & Big Freedia’s ‘Peanut Butter’
Insta-gran: Madonna finally Instagrams [dlisted]
Bad Tag: Gay teen’s home gets tagged by homophobes [towleroad]
“Bitch, SIT DOWN!”: Frank beats Chris [queerty]
Dame girl, you look good: Dame Helen Mirren at the Baftas [celebitchy]
Gasp!: First look at Gaspard Ulliel as Yves Saint Laurent [ohlala]
OFF YOU POPE: Benedict resigns [celebritycafe]
Paw puppy: therapy pup gets a new prostetic-paddy-paw [jezebel]
OD3D: One Direction 3D Trailer [socialitelife]
Jackie O’s sister for T magazine [kenneth]
Lil’ Mama to play Lisa Left Eye in TLC biopic [evilbeet]
Happy birthday Taylor Lautner [afterelton]
Stodden wet, Courtney’s new video [amygrindhouse via E!]
Berger Queen: Norway’s Eurovision entry Margaret Berger [joemygod]
Unbreak my heart 🙁 Toni Braxton has “fallen out of love” with music [tabloidprodigy]
Chris Brown thinks he can drive through walls [theblemish]
Top 5 old men in video games [doubleviking]

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3 Comments on "OMG, cut off the crusts: RuPaul & Big Freedia’s ‘Peanut Butter’"

  1. Dear Chris,
    Thanks for your comment. We’ve made a change to the post in this instance out of sensitivity for the boy in the story.

  2. Mr. Alexander, while I suspect you are trying to be witty or flippant, the “fag tag” comment was out of line. Actually many of your comments and “witty” sayings are out of line, inappropriate, and just plain immature. Time to grow up, little boy. You’ve taken a decent blog and made it trashy. Stop trying to be clever. You aren’t.

  3. “Fag tag”? Really? :\

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