!! OMG cycle 5000: ANTM !!

The pics of the models on the next cycle of ANTM came out a couple weeks ago. I’m a bit slow on the uptake for this one.
The show premieres on February 20th. I can’t wait to sit in front of the TV to yell at the plus-sized girl: “You’re only on the show so Tyra can make herself look progressive! You’ll never win!” But it will sound a bit more like “Gra onaou anoign aoidoni….” cause my mouth will be stuffed with pork rinds dipped in sour cream.
Here are some other things that I usually shout at least 4 times per cycle:
“I’d push my own mother down the stairs to have Janice back. At least we still have Ms. Jay”
“She looks like she’s a 50-year-old tranny from the Sears catalog!”
“Jay Manuel should never art direct another shoot in his life.”
I’m gonna miss Heather, though. She should have won last cycle over Rihanna 2. Asperger’s 4EVA!
See all the girls HERE.
Take a look at my pick for the win after the jump.


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10 Comments on "OMG cycle 5000: ANTM"

  1. I’m sorry, which one of these stick figures is the ‘plus sized’ one? And by plus size do you mean >0?
    When this show actually produces a working model then I’ll pay attention to it.

  2. Of course,Janice Dick would never bring again ever….And also that mean bitch,Jay Manuel…He is horrible..How could he be the art director when he doesn’t know how to dress himself…A Fake Bleached Blond Hair with A Dark Roots have to go or chop his head off…Tyra should be more classy..She’s too ghetto…YUCK

  3. Agreed!
    She looks a lot like Gemma Ward…and I love me some Gemma Ward.

  4. I have to say, at least the pre-competition group photos are getting more creative (I’m sure Ms. Jay didn’t so-called art direct them.) This one actually looks sort of high-fashion-y… Except they’re all wearing stripper stilletos — what’s up with that?
    Heather should have won last cycle; hence I’m not going to even bother to predict anyone to be the winner, because as we all know when it comes to ANTM, the obvious winner never wins. This Gemma Ward clone looks OK though, even if she has freakishly long torso.

  5. Fatima is totally gonna win… and how much do you wanna bet they’ll vut her hair off.
    PS. I concur… I miss Frank…

  6. ewwww!! that girl has a long torso and really short legs!! My bet is on Fatima!! But of course she won’t win!!! They NEVER choose the right girl for the winner(except for the season that Jaslene won!!)

  7. i bet dominique will win.

  8. Frank, please come back soon! I’m having withdrawals!
    Someone please get these bugs off of me!

  9. didn’t the last cycle end like 2 weeks ago?

  10. That girl is fugly

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