!! OMG Gayentology !!

Down with psychiatry, up with boners!

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6 Comments on "OMG Gayentology"

  1. Can someone post the lyrics? Some of it was hard to understand.

  2. I also wish for an update…this blog is addictive. I feel like a nymph who has gone without for a few weeks. And that’s not a good feeling.

  3. Not to mention, we all voted for you to win that award. Several times. Dozens of times.
    Come on, Frank…

  4. Dude, you need to update your blog more often. I love, LOVE your blog…but for those of us who check it more than once a day…come ON!
    Unless, of course, you had some tragedy in your family/etc..then it’s TOTALLY understandable. Otherwise, you’re just a douche bag. ;o)
    I mean…you won an AWARD..come ON!!!

  5. W…T…F!!!???

  6. That’s pretty funny. The overly high bad singing voice made it hard to listen to at times though — whoever is crushing the singer’s testicles, please stop. Interesting how many allegedly gay celebs are Sci-ists.

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