!! OMG, gossip: Guillermo del Toro X The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror XXIV !!

Guillermo del Toro does Treehouse of Horror XXIV [popbytes]
“I’m goina sang even if its sounds a lil janky and funky, dat’s jus me. It’s goina be really cool, ya’ll.” – Britney [evil beet]
We all know Kim Kardashian and R.Kelly were the pioneers of this type of hack science, but a new woman insists drinking a pint of pee everyday keeps her young! [all hip hop]
Aaron Eckhart as 2013’s excessive and roided out and zero-connection-to-the-original-story version of Frankenstein! [towleroad]
Donna Martin should have graduated more-good: Tori and Dean are broke! [celebitchy]
The gall! Jeff KoonsGaga cover imitating Michael Jackson‘s “History” statue really brings eyerolls for the entire family [boy culture]
The GOP keep it classy with Hilary insults and their “War On Women” [joemygod]
I guess that’s pritty kewl… Watch the best sketches from Miley‘s SNL hosting this past weekend [socialite life]
A vintage Boy George doll! Radiator, hooker, and cuffs not included [kenneth]
Early photos of Disneyland‘s first “Gay Days” [queerty]
Say it ain’t so! Royal Ginger wedding bells? [dlisted]
Jungle fever on the Paris runway for Gamme Rouge SS14 Show [ohlala]
Totally non-slutty people who just love to play video games [double viking]

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