!! OMG gossip: Tom Cruise’s nipples do not age !!

If one part of Tom Cruise is not yet sagging, it’s his rock-hard nipples [dlisted]
How did Hugh Jackman get that black eye filming his Oprah segment? [popeater]
Mariah Carey is officially not bisexual [towleroad]
Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale look superweird together on the cover of Sports Illustrated [celebitchy]
OMG Naomi Judd reality show! [faded youth]
Britney Spears will star in her own comic book in the New Year [pitnb]
Vincent Cassel frolics shirtless in the waves with a surfboard [the berry]
OMG new Thor trailer! [double viking]
Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson are getting divorced [popbytes]
OMG Booboo kills Yogi Bear in this alternate ending made by the actual film animator Edmund Earle [evil beet]
Hot rugby star Ben Cohen was spotted at a Scissor Sisters concert [kenneth]
Top 10 most annoying things about the 2010 Golden Globes [lost boy]
Joe Jonas has a way with words… He should review movies for a living! [wow report]
Interview with newly out supermodel Amber Heard [autostraddle]
OMG scary My Little Ponies! [socialite life]
Was Timothy Ray Brown cured of HIV with stem cell technology? [queerty]
OMG scandalous astronaut gossip! [starcasm]
OMG Female bodybuilders look freaky even in Asia [uncoached]
Drunk Nicolas Cage flips out in front of a Romanian nightclub and says really weird stuff… [hollywood rag]
OMG adorable Yorkie runs through deep snow! [daily what]
OMG cat loves bacon! Yum yum yum… [ego tv]

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